Our Services

Implementing Customized AI and ML Solutions

We develop and implement individual solutions for our customers in the areas

            Predictive maintenance

            Control technology

            Identifying products or components

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Consulting and Feasibility Studies

A multitude of questions arise before implementing an AI or ML project:

  • Is your task suited for AI or ML procedures?
  • There are numerous AI-procedures such as neural networks, deep learning, nearest-neighbor-method, classic AI procedures, genetic and evolutionary algorithms or hybrid procedures. Which of these procedures offers the best chances of successful implementation for your specific requirements?
  • How should learning patterns be provided? How many learning patterns can be expected?
  • What tools are available for implementation?
  • How much work will be involved?

We offer consulting services for these and other questions, which need to be answered in the run-up to the implementation of a project. Consultations often lead to conducting specific feasibility studies. Are you interested? Please use our contact form to get in touch with us or give us a call.